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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cme Music brings together Christian Music Artists, Churches, Ministries  any other organisations wanting Quality Christian performers to work together for an event.
    For instance if you are a Church and are putting on a youth outreach and requiring something special which will relate to your audience, simply become a member to create your profile this will cost $11.75 per month thats .40cents a day to promote yourself on a web-site of like minded people. After creating a profile this will open the door to many other people which you can search from and contact concerning your event, Just mention your requirements on the noticeboard, your profile page & the events page.
    From here any member can see your requirements and connect with you.
    If you have anything to do with the Christian Music or Dance Industry or simply looking a Christian band or artist for an event simply sign up fill in your details tell us about yourself, upload your youtube video and /or photo's, be sure to remember a photo for your profile. (you will have the choice to display your profile switching it off when not available.)
    If you have MP3 or Cd you can upload them on to the Cme music player, Let people know where they can purchase your music from on your profile.
    On the left hand side of this web-site just click on Artist or Church and Automatically a list of Artists or Churches will appear, or use the search function by selecting a Profession with an instrument in a region speaking a type of language then press GO.
    For instance you may want a Gospel Back up Vocalist in Melbourne who can sing in Cantonese and if there is a member on the site it will bring them up.

    The Advanced search will do a little more to help you refine yoursearch,

    Please note: If you are not a paid member access is restricted to viewing only.
    Not a problem just follow the same instructions as question 3
    Simply sign up, follow the instructions in Question 2, set up a your profile, then click Churches or Other Services on the top left hand side of this site and you will instantly gain access.
    Cme Music is for any Christian artist with a talent that can perform in a Christian enviroment.
    Monthly $11.75,  Yearly $130.00 ( equates to $10.83 a month.)
    Upload your videos (via youtube)
    Upload your photos - direct to site.
    Upload your music - direct to site.
    Manage & promote your events.
    Access to the noticeboard.
    Promote your cd's.
    Listen to music.
    Watch music videos.
    Search for artists.
    Search for related contacts.
    Search by Language.
    Search by State.
    Be found by people needing your service
    Quality material.
    No Spaming. 
    Site is screened regulary to keep a high standard.
    The Cme Music website is a promoted site.
    Cme Music aims to sponsor events.
    Cme Music gives to a variety of charities, which include:
    Feed the hungry, The Bible League, 

    Transactions can be done through Paypal, they accept credit cards and direct debit.
    Or direct debit to Cme Music
    BSB: 032-078  Account Number: 51-9036 please allow 48 hours for activation of your account, please include your log in name.
    (Remember all new customers will recieve two months free)
    1. Do I need to keep paying my account? No, it is not compulsary to keep paying, only pay when you need this facility.
    2. Do I lose any of the information I have entered if I stop paying or forgetten to pay? No - if payment is not made you will NOT lose any information. Once you have set up your account it will always be on the Cme Music web-site,  (all you need is your username & password) It will not be visible while inactive but once activiated it will become visible if you want. You are still able to update your site while it is not visible.
    Great Question.
    It has a feature in your profile (Do you want to be visible (yes) or (no) ) this is a great feature for those who are unavailable for whatever reason at anytime. 
    Your profile will totally disappear from the site until you click available. 

    Also another function is the available for performances ( Yes or No )
    This is a good for Artists who have retired, But there music is too good to retire. In this case your profile will not disappear but it will show you are unavailable with your profile working as normal.
    Cut & paste a portion of the link number from the total link number, if you have a problem send us an email the the total link number and we can do it for you.

    eg - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=
    Great Question, Do not delete anything, simply do not pay until needed, all your information will be here, but it will not be visible, you can still access your account at anytime - once paid your information will reappear.