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    Heaven's Gates & Hells Flame's, Australasia

    Heaven's Gates & Hells Flame's, Australasia

    Rating: 3.3/5
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    Heaven's Gates is a theatrical production that explores the question "Is there life after death?

    Currently available?: Yes
    Currently available
    for overseas ministry?:
    Region: Australasia
    Country: Australia
    Main/favourite genre: Theatre
    All genres: Theatre
    Instruments: Other
    Languages: All Languages
    Favourite artists/influences:  


    "We held Heaven's Gates over 4 nights and had over 1000 decisions! Gleneden Auckland
    "We are a church of 43 members, had Heaven's Gates in three nights, we had 93 commitments and retained 67 people. 
    "Heaven's Gates is a vehicle that takes a person from the crucifixion, though real life decision to the altar call where to make a choice, for most people, the choice to accept Jesus seems easy to make " 
    " In my 32 years of ministry I have never seen such an enormous response to the Gospel outside Billy Graham crusade."
    " Our goal for the crusade was 100 salvations. The crusade went beyond our expectations."
    " This drama has been the most effective evangelistic tool I had have ever used in my 20 years in the church."
    " Running this drama in our Church, has fostered a great deal of unity and synergy among our people."

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